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  • Leach's Petrel, Oceanodroma leucorhoa

    7th December, Church Lane Bay. Thanks to David Hollins for the photo.

  • Egyptian Goose, Alopochen aegyptiacus

    9th December, Plummer CP. Thanks to Mark Hawkes for the photo.

  • Leach's Petrel, Oceanodroma leucorhoa

    7th December. The first to turn up in Cambridgeshire as part of the large wreck. Apart from photo 2, the other in hand shots were taken after both birds had sadly died. Three birds were seen at Grafham today, the first two of which were adults. Photo 8 shows the moult in the primaries. The new feathers seem to be in the process of being replaced outwards, with the blacker inner primaries appearing to be newer feathers. Two primaries were still in pin. On photo 6, note the difference in rump pattern.

  • Black-headed Gull, Larus ridibundus

    2nd December, one of two melanistic birds in the roost.

  • Laughing Gull, Larus atricilla

    19th November, presumed adult winter. This was the best I could do with fading light and severe shakes!

  • Yellow-legged Gull, Larus michaellis

    19th November, presumed third winter. Although this appeared at first to be a Caspian, it had quite shortish legs and it's bill looked a little chunky. Also, the bird swam with a low front and high rear end. Any comments appreciated.

  • Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flava sp

    29th October, a late individual on the dam. The white supercilium, throat and lower ear coverts, plus the grey crown and mantle suggest Blue-headed, but as this bird is a first winter (owing to moult contrast in the greater coverts and pointed ends to the tail feathers), it is not safe to say for certain. This bird is also rather long-legged, which fits flava, but this is a little subjective!

  • Red-crested Pochard, Netta rufina

    4th October, an immature male in Gaynes Cove.

  • Stonechat, Saxicola torquata

    4th October, on the fence at the foot of the dam.

  • Turnstone, Arenaria interpres

    4th October, feeding along the dam.

  • Yellow-legged Gull, Larus michaellis

    4th October. First winter at the north end of the dam.

  • Caspian Gull, Larus cachinnans

    28 September. First winter.

  • Stonechat, Saxicola torquata

    28 September, on the jetty at Marlow CP this afternoon.

  • Scaup, Aytyha marila

    27 September, juvenile male, near Marlow.

  • Little Stint, Calidris minuta

    18 September, four juveniles with two Dunlin at the north end of the dam.

  • Curlew Sandpiper, Calidris ferruginea

    18 September, two, with two Dunlin, two Ringed Plover, a Common Sandpiper and the Pectoral Sandpiper, in Valley Creek.

  • Pectoral Sandpiper, Calidris melanotus

    11 September, juvenile, Valley Creek. For it's third day.

  • Mediterranean Gull, Larus melanocephalus

    11 September, juvenile, Valley Creek.

  • Pectoral Sandpiper, Calidris melanotus

    9 September, juvenile. Found and identified in flight by Mark Hawkes and myself at Marlow CP at at 2.30pm, before being relocated at 3.50 on the shore near Dudney Hide.

  • Redstart, Phoenicurus phoenicurus

    17 August, 8.30am. A first calendar year bird feeding from trees between Marlow CP and the north end of the dam.

  • Sanderling, Calidris alba

    3 August, 6pm. Presumably the same pair with 4 Dunlin and 2 Ringed Plover for company at Marlow.

  • Sanderling, Calidris alba

    1 August, 8pm. A pair on the dam with two Dunlin (see 4th photo). A bit blurry due to low light.

  • Silver-washed Fritillary, Argynnis paphia

    30 July. 2pm. A bit of a surprise - on the budleia in my back garden!

  • Manx Shearwater, Puffinus puffinus

    29 July 2006. Present for it's eighth day, now off Mander CP, but still distant. Note the Yellow-legged Gull on the buoy behind.

  • Manx Shearwater, Puffinus puffinus

    21 July 2006. Off Plummer Car Park early evening.

  • Common Tern, Sterna hirundo

    17 May 2006. Adult on a buoy.

  • Black-necked Grebe, Podiceps nigricollis

    17 July 2006. Juvenile near Hill Farm.

  • Yellow-legged Gull, Larus (cachinnans) michahellis

    2 July 2006. Second summer on the boom. One of three or four loafing around during the day.

  • Gannet, Morus bassana

    21 June 2006. A stonking adult watched fishing from the dam.

  • Common Scoter, Melanitta nigra

    17 June 2006. 25 on the reservoir, near Church Hill.

  • Bar-tailed Godwit, Limosa lapponica

    2 May 2006. Male on the shore at Marlow. Photo taken shortly before we dipped a fly-through Arctic Skua!

  • Black-necked Grebe, Podiceps nigricollis

    1 May 2006. First of the year, from the south end of the dam.

  • Little Ringed Plover, Charadrius dubius

    30 April 2006. On the dam.

  • Arctic Tern, Sterna paradiseae

    29 April 2006. Part of a really good April passage.

  • Whinchat, Saxicola rubetra

    23 April 2006, female on the barbed wire fence below the dam.

  • White Wagtail, Motacilla alba

    23 April 2006, female on the dam.

  • Redpoll sp, Carduelis sp.

    21 April. Three birds were present, feeding on silver birch catkins near Marlow CP. This male looked like a Mealy, with very white and pink underparts, obvious white tramlines on the mantle and lacking in warm tones on the neck, head and breast sides. The mantle colour was, however, warmish brown and it is mid-April. I would welcome comments on the identity of this bird.

  • Avocet, Avocetta recurvirostra

    21 April. I found this pair, a Grafham tick for me, in the lagoons at 8am. They spent the day here before moving on.

  • Wheatear, Oenanthe oenanthe

    10 April. One of two males present on the dam. Photo one shows the bird sharing the dam with a Blue-headed Wagtail and a White Wagtail, and photo two with a Yellow Wagtail.

  • Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flava flavissima

    10 April. Among the hordes of wagtails on the dam.

  • Willow Warbler, Phylloscopus trochilus

    9 April -singing in the lagoons.

  • Yellow Wagtail sp, Motacilla flava sp

    8 April 2006, on the dam. A grey-backed individual.

  • Gull sp. Probably Common Gull, Larus sp.

    6 April 2006. In the roost.

  • Blue-headed Wagtail, Motacilla flava flava

    5 April 2006. On the dam.

  • Great Northern Diver, Gavia immer

    2 April 2006. Still here...

  • Caspian Gull, Larus cachinanns

    28 March 2006. On the boom briefly at dusk. Perhaps the same bird that has been around all winter?

  • Redshank, Tringa totanus

    24 March 2006. Standing on the ice in lagoon two. When will the cold weather end?

  • Red-throated Diver, Gavia stellata

    15 March 2006. After being present for four months, this bird finally showed well in Valley Creek!

  • Scaup, Aythya marila

    15 March 2006. A female in the lagoons. One of the five that arrived just over a week ago.

  • Red-crested Pochard, Netta rufina

    15 March 2006. A female in the lagoons.

  • Scaup, Aythya marila

    12 March 2006. A male near Church Lane. One of the five that arrived a week ago.

  • Scaup, Aythya marila

    5 March. Record shots of the five present in Littless Creek, which included 2 adult drakes, a first winter drake and 2 females.

  • Black-headed Gull, Larus ridbundus

    25 February 2006. An unusually pale individual in the roost.

  • Peregrine, Falco peregrinus

    12 February 2006. This immature female has often been seen hunting at Grafham Water, since autumn 2005. It is the same bird that killed the Leach's Petrel on 3rd October, and today killed a Little Grebe, and is here seen trying to pick the corpse out of the water. After many unsuccessful attempts, it gave up.

  • Great Northern Diver, Gavia immer

    12 February 2006. Showing well off the south end of the dam in the rain.

  • Smew, Mergus albellus

    12 February 2006. Female in the lagoons, an unusual location for this uncommon species at Grafham Water, and a good find on a wet WeBS count by Mark Hawkes.

  • Great Northern Diver, Gavia immer

    11 February 2006. The juvenile is still present and, at times, showing well.

  • Red-crested Pochard, Netta rufina

    11 February 2006. Two drakes still hanging out in Gaynes Cove, near Plummer CP.

  • Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis

    5 February 2006. A surprisingly uncommon species at Grafham Water, this bird was fishing from the stone jetty by the harbour.

  • Red-throated Diver, Gavia stellata

    4 & 5 February 2006. This bird is very hard to photograph, usually staying far from the shore in the deeper water.

  • Turnstone, Arenaria interpres

    29 January, Valley Creek.

  • Whooper Swan, Cygnus cygnus

    26 January. Two adults and two immatures showing well in Sanctuary Bay.

  • Pied Wagtail, Motacilla alba yarrelli

    21 January. Sunbathing on the dam wall.

  • Caspian Gull, Larus cachinnans

    21 January. Second winter, presumably same as last Saturday. Hanging out in Littless Creek.

  • Teal, Anas crecca

    21 January. A male.

  • Red-crested Pochard, Netta rufina

    21 January. Two males in Gaynes Cove.

  • Scaup, Aythya marila

    19 January. Male, showing well in Valley Creek, though asleep.

  • Caspian Gull, Larus cachinanns

    14 January. 2nd winter, showing well off the dam.

  • Goosander, Mergus merganser

    14 January. Up to a dozen have been showing well around the harbour.

  • Yellow-legged Gull, Larus (cachinanns) michaellis

    8 January. 4th winter, showing well in Littless Creek.

  • Great Northern Diver, Gavia immer

    8 January. Juvenile, showing well off the dam. This bird has been present since 28 December 2005.

    All material copyright Jono Leadley 2006