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White-rumped Sandpiper, October 2005 c.Jim Lawrence

Grafham Bird Photos 2005

  • Great Northern Diver

    28 December. Juvenile, showing well off the dam. The third GND at GW this winter.

  • Scaup

    20 December. Showing well off the dam, feeding on freshwater mussels.

  • Long-tailed Duck

    4 December. Still present and showing well in the vicinity of the harbour, near Mander Car Park.

  • Goldeneye

    30 November. Is this a second winter male?

  • Common Scoter

    15 November. Record videograbs of a female on a murky morning. The second photo is a flight shot.

  • Little Grebe

    11 November.

  • Black Redstart

    23 March. A female on the roof of the Marlow CP cafe. Thanks to Colin Addington for the photo.

  • Grey Plover

    17 May. An adult on the dam. Thanks to Colin Addington for the photo.

  • Turnstone

    May. Two adults on the dam. Thanks to Colin Addington for the photo.

  • Sanderling

    17 May. An oiled adult on the dam. Thanks to Colin Addington for the photo.

  • Common Tern

    5 November. A late adult.

  • Great Northern Diver

    4 November. Adult in summer plumage. This bird proved to be very elusive during it's 24 hour stay. This is the first at the site since 2002.

  • Slavonian Grebe

    23 October. A good find by David Hollin on the WeBS count this morning and the first for Grafham Water this year.

  • Common Scoter

    22 October, drake, off the lagoons.

  • White-rumped Sandpiper

    22 October, juvenile. This cracker has been here over two weeks now. The second photo shows the white rump, as the bird stretches.

  • Teal

    Female with nasal saddle, October 2005. This bird was ringed two years ago in the Loire, France. Thanks to Jim Lawrence for this photo.

  • Rock Pipit

    October 2005. Thanks to Jim Lawrence for this photo.

  • Twite

    7 October. This was what I was looking for unsuccessfully when I found the White-rumped Sandpiper. Swings and roundabouts! Thanks to Duncan Poyser for the photo.

  • Gannet

    Juvenile, 17 October.

    First at Grafham Water since 1999. The bird showed for an hour before dusk and was present at first light the next day, until it flew off strongly southeast. This photo is a video grab looking from Marlow Car Park towards the Sailing Club.

  • White-rumped Sandpiper

    Juvenile moulting to first winter, 7 October. Third for the county, and a nice end to a week which started with finding a Leach's Petrel on Monday! Thanks to Jim Lawrence for photo 2.

  • Wryneck

    3 September. Found yesterday afternoon, it remained elusive until this morning where it was watched for prolonged periods feeding on the reservoir bank, just east of the foot of Church Lane.

  • Greenshank

    26 August, on the shore near Mander CP.

  • Dunlin

    26 August. Part of a small flock on the north shore.

  • Woodpigeons

    Two adults drinking. 26 August.

  • Turnstone

    Juvenile. On the dam, 24 August. Thanks to Jim Lawrence for the photo.

  • Sabine's Gull

    Adult, 21 August. This cracking bird turned up on a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon and spent most of the day resting in the middle of the reservoir, or picking insects from the surface, phalarope-style. Thanks to Jim Lawrence for the photo.

  • Black-tailed Godwits

    In the lagoons, 13 July. Part of a group of 14 adults that arrived early evening.

  • Little Egret

    In the lagoons, 13 July. One of a least four around the site this summer.

  • Gull sp.

    Thought to show some characters of first summer Caspian, this is possibly just a Herring Gull. Photo taken in the lagoons, 16 April.

  • Ring-necked Duck

    Adult male, still present in the lagoons, 10 April.

  • White Wagtail

    On the dam wall, 12 April. Two of 4 or 5 present for the last couple of days. Interestingly, the group usually hung out close together, and did not mix freely with the numerous Pied Wagtails also moving through Grafham at the moment.

  • Wheatear

    Male, Marlow, 10 April.

  • Ring-necked Duck

    First record shots of the adult male, found by me, this morning, in the lagoons, 5 April.

  • Kittiwake

    Adult off Church Lane in the roost, 8 March. One of a small passage through Grafham early this month.

  • Mediterranean Gull

    Adult on the boom, 5 February. Thanks to Josh Jones for the photo.

  • Shag

    Off Plummer, 29 January.

  • Water Rail

    Adult in the lagoons, 22 January.

  • Mediterranean Gull

    Adult, in the early roost off the lagoons, 22 January. This bird showed a minimal amount of black on the head, a feature which does seem to be variable between individuals.

  • Yellow-legged Gull

    Second winter, by the harbour boom, 22 January. This individual loafs around the reservoir frequently.

  • Caspian Gull

    Third winter, in the roost off the Fishing Lodge, 22 January. The long wings, small rounded head and long, straw-coloured narrow bill really stand out on this large bird (compare with Lesser Black-backed Gull in photo 1). The bird sported much black on the leading edge of the wing, but with clear grey tongues protruding into the black on the rear of the primaries, hinting at the adult pattern which will develop. The bird also had a broken tail band.

  • "Black-headed stifftail"

    Male in eclipse, with c20 Ruddy Ducks, Savages Creek, 15 January. Presumably the same bird that has been around in the county for a while. The bird has a very broad-based bill and long tail, which combined with the dark head make the bird stand out in a crowd.

All material copyright Jono Leadley 2005