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Please scroll down to view photos. All photos taken by Jono Leadley unless stated otherwise.


  • Whimbrel, Numenius phaeopus - 4th May. On the dam early morning. It was while I was watching this that Colin called about a phalarope...

  • Wilson's Phalarope, Phalaropus tricolor - 4th May. An awesome find by stalwart Grafham Water patcher, Colin Addington, in the lagoons this morning. The first Spring record and second ever for the site. In the same lagoon as Monday's Spotted Redshank and Bar-tailed Godwit. Awesome!

  • Wheatear, Oenanthe oenanthe - 3rd May. At the foot of the dam.

  • Yellow Wagtail sp., Motacilla flava - 1st May. Female near the dam, presumably a Blue-headed Wagtail.

  • Bar-tailed Godwit, Limosa lapponica - 1st May. In the lagoons and part of a large passage through Cambridgeshire in the last week or so.

  • Little Ringed Plover, Charadrius dubius - 22nd April. A fairly common passage migrant.

  • Ring Ouzel, Turdus - 21st April. A male (top three photos ) and female (bottom two photos) were discovered in one of the traditional Rouzel spots, near Marlow Car Park this morning.

  • Yellowhammer, Emberiza citrinella - 14th April. A few pairs breed around the site. This female was on the dam wall.

  • Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flava - 14th April. Up to five now around the dam and sitting in the rape field.

  • Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flava - 9th April. One of two on the dam late afternoon; nice to see them back!

  • Yellow-legged Gull and Lesser Black-backed Gull, Larus michahellis and L. fuscus - 9th April, on the boom by the harbour, early evening. This pair have been around GW for a couple of weeks now. The male YLG is very protective of his mate.

  • Glaucous Gull, Larus hyperboreus - 9th April. After several Iceland Gulls during the first three months of the year, I finally found a Glauc, a species which has been thin on the ground this winter. Not really what I expected to see on a warm sunny morning in April! The bird remained on the reservoir until about 9.30 when it moved to the ploughed field opposite Marlow CP, where it remained until mid-afternoon. Having not seen the eye or bill at close range, I am not totally sure of the age of this bird, but it is either a first or second summer. Thanks to David Hollins for the photo (the bird is partly obscured, second from the left).

  • Curlew, Numenius arquata - 6th April. In the lagoons. It is not often this species lands at Grafham during the spring, they usually just fly through.

  • Lesser Black-backed Gull, Larus fuscus - 2nd April. In the lagoons.

  • Yellow-legged Gull, Larus michahellis - 18th March. Second-summer in the roost off Savages Hide

  • Avocet, Avocetta recurvirostra - 9th March. Three birds sitting out on the reservoir!

  • Brent Goose, Branta bernicla - 9th March. 14, sitting on the water off the dam, they flew off east towards Paxton at c8.10am.

  • Kumlien's Gull, Larus glaucoides kumlieni - 18th February. An adult in the roost off the harbour. Interestingly, an adult Kumliens was present in the roost at Stewartby in Bedfordshire last night (c18 miles SSW of Grafham Water), and at Dix Pit in Oxfordshire the night before (c45 miles SW of Stewartby). This is probably the same individual.

  • Brent Goose, Branta bernicla - 22nd January. Two dark-bellied adults present early morning near the dam. Having forgot my camera, I took this photo with my mobile phone down my scope!

  • Goosander, Mergus merganser - 21st January. One of seven present this morning.

  • Common Sandpiper, Actitis hypoleucos - 21st January. This individual is wintering on the shore around Marlow Car Park.

  • Wigeon, Anas penelope - 21st January, part of a flock of 25 on the grass at Marlow this morning.

  • Great Black-backed Gull, Larus marinus - 20th January, on the boom by the harbour.

  • Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo - 20th January, on the boom by the harbour.

  • Common Gull, Larus canus. - 14th January, adult with strong hood off Gaynes Point.

  • Mediterranean Gulls, Larus melanocephalus. - 14th January, first winter and adult (one of two present) off Gaynes Point.

  • Gull sp, Larus sp. - 11th January, first winter off Mander CP. Photo taken in poor light. This bird had a pink bill with a dark tip and plain brown underparts. I didn't see the tail or rump clearly, but I think it could be a dark argentatus Herring Gull.

  • Caspian Gull, Larus glaucoides - 11th January, first winter off Mander CP. Photo taken in poor light.

  • Iceland Gull, Larus glaucoides - 11th January, adult off Mander CP. Photo taken in poor light.

  • Caspian Gull, Larus cachinnans - 3rd January, off Mander CP. Photo taken in poor light.

All material copyright Jono Leadley 2007