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Profile: Jono Leadley


First sighting came from York in the mid 70's. Most recently, found to be haunting the shores of Grafham Water, a large man-made reservoir in west Cambridgeshire. Has been resident in the county for about a year, but made frequent visits in the preceding five years.


Field characters have been known for about 25 years, although these have changed over the years. Most distinctive features are the obvious "spectacles" and shiny head-patches.


Usually a deep grunting, but occasionally more melodic in harmony with similar species, performing an occasional display known as "Gigging". This behaviour is intermittent and usually occurs in pubs and other small music venues.


Mainly pie and chips.


Resident in the county although occasional records with no particular pattern to various other countries have been reported. Confirmed records from Madagascar, Indonesia, Australia, Cuba, India, Peru, Ecuador, South Africa, USA and Canada, as well as several records from Europe.

Most movements short distance, frequenting home territory of Grafham Water for most of the year, with occasional forays into other parts of Cambridgeshire. More infrequently, noted from the coast, particularly north Norfolk, and the northeast, notably Yorkshire.


This website is run to document the exploits of me, Jono Leadley.

  • Local birding Patch: Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire, UK
  • Years birding: c25
  • Best bird finds in the UK: Laughing Gull, 2, (Grafham Water, June 07 & Nov 06), White-rumped Sandpiper (Grafham Water, Oct 05), Leach's Petrel (Grafham Water, Dec 06 & Oct 05), Ring-necked Duck (Grafham Water, April 05), Great Grey Shrike (Nene Washes, Dec 03), Blue Rock Thrush (Porthgwarra, Cornwall, Oct 99), Isabelline Shrike (Zennor Head, Cornwall, Oct 89)
  • Best birding moment: First documented sighting of Flores Scops-owl, Otus alfredi, in Flores, Indonesia, in 1997, previously known from only 3 specimens.

A birder's best friend. Willow on the dam, 13th September 2007.

All material copyright Jono Leadley 2007