Birding the Backpacker Trail

Northern India, November-December 2000

Mammal List

Asian Elephants, Corbett NP

Spotted Deer, Cervus axis
Common at Corbett and Ranthambor.

Sambar Deer, C. unicolor
Common at Corbett and Ranthambor.

Hog Deer, C. porcinus
A couple of individuals at Corbett.

Barking Deer/Muntjac, Muntiacus muntjac
Common at Corbett.

Nilgai, Boselaphus tragocamelus
Common at Keoladeo Ghana NP and Ranthambor. The photo below is of a "Blue Bull", or male Nilgai, taken at Ranthambor.

Chinkara/Indian Gazelle, Gazella bennettii
Small numbers at Ranthambor.

Wild Boar, Sus scrofa
Common at Corbett NP and Ranthambor.

Indian Grey Mongoose, Herpestes edwardsii
Family parties seen at McLeod Ganj amd Corbett and one at Ranthambor.

Small Indian Mongoose
One by the road, Bharatpur - Bund Baretha, 27th Nov.

Gangetic Dolphin/Susu, Platanista gangetica
Up to three individuals from the Ganges crossing at Gajraula, 009/11/00.

Rhesus Macaque, Macaca mulatta
Very common, usually in close contact with people, even in the slums of Delhi. Below right, a mother holds her infant in the morning sun, at Dhikala, Corbett NP.

Hanuman Langur, Presbytis entellus
Very common, often well away from human habitation. The photo above left was taken at Nainital.

Sloth Bear, Melursus ursinus
Two singles seen in Ranthambor, one of which appears in the photo below.

Golden/Indian Jackal, Canis aureus
Common in Ranthambor. One at Ranthambor, common in Corbett.

Tiger, Panthera tigris
Two seen together crossing the road then padding through the forest in Ranthambor, 30/11/00. The photo below was of the cub.

Black-naped Hare, Lepus nigricollis
One flushed at Keoladeo Ghana NP, 28/11/00.

Northern Palm Squirrel, Funambulus pennantii
Very common.

Indian Palm Squirrel, F. palmarum
Common on Sri Lanka.

Asian Elephant, Elephas maximus
One herd seen both days at Corbett, containing approximately 15 individuals (See photo at top of page). One lone "tusker" seen on an island in a tributary of the Kosi River near the Corbett park boundary, 16/11/00.

Eurasian Otter, Lutra lutra
Family party seen from the watchtower at Corbett NP, 16/11/00.

Indian Fruit Bat
150+ roosting in grounds of government rest house at Bund Baretha, 27th Nov.


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